Stories of Giving


Taking Their Own Advice: Sue & Paul Hoffman

“We both grew up with an understanding that giving tzedakah is an essential part of being a…

Dreaming Bigger: ETTA

The grants we’ve received have allowed us to dream bigger in so many ways. As…

Modeling Compassion: Georgina & Alan Rothenberg

I always tell people that if they want to get started as philanthropists, there’s no…

Sharing Blessings: The Baran Spiwak Family

The Foundation really honors what was important to our parents,” Sheila says. “I like to…

Sheila Baran Spiwak
Jewish Community Foundation Donors Pam and Evan Kaizer for Legacy Magazine

Driven by Social Activism: Pam & Evan Kaizer

It takes a special kind of soul to make a lifelong commitment to prioritizing community…

Jewish Community Foundation Donors Dorit and Harry Nelson Photo for Legacy Magazine

Dorit & Harry Nelson: Sparking Joy through Tzedakah

Our hearts are pulled in so many directions because there are so many needs. We…

Foundation Trustee Jeffrey Loeb

by Jeffrey Loeb, Foundation Trustee and family wealth consultant, Loeb & Loeb LLP One secret…

Jewish Community Foundation Donor Arthur Greenberg Portrait for Legacy Magazine

Arthur Greenberg: A Life of Service and Philanthropy

I’ve made arrangements in my estate plan that will enable my sons to use the…

Jewish Community Foundation Donors Raphael and Sasha Morozov

Raphael & Sasha Morozov

To make the most impact, one must not simply donate but think outside the box,…

Jewish Community Foundation Donor Jane Jelenko

Jane Jelenko

The Foundation has helped guide me on how to most strategically structure my giving. The…

Jewish Community Foundation Donors Jessica Nadel and Josh Feffer with their family

Jessica Nadel & Josh Feffer

by Steve Gamer, Vice President of Advancement Josh Feffer and Jessica Nadel established a Donor…

Jeremy Barnett

A Calabasas resident, Jeremy is the chief marketing officer for Cyberscout, a cybersecurity services company….