Stories of Giving


Shari Foos: Expanding Perspective and Deepening Empathy

“I care deeply about people, social justice and equality,” Shari Foos stated. “It pains me…

Schwartz Family: Tikkun Olam Woven Into Their DNA

Longtime Beverly Hills residents Lisa and Mark Schwartz exude a palpable sense of joy and…

Samantha & Jeremy Garelick: Creating a Family Culture of Tzedakah for Their Children

We want our kids to see the immediate result of helping somebody and to see…

Samantha & Jeremy Garelick

Ron Blanc – Assisting the State of Israel

Occupation: Tax and business attorney in Los Angeles for more than 44 years, recently retired…

Ron Blanc
Tax and business attorney
Foundation Grantee Hillel at UCLA Students

Hillel at UCLA

When our students look back on the pandemic, we know they’ll recall how their Jewish…

Paul Kester: Surviving the Holocaust and Living Tikkun Olam

Our purpose in life should be to help others — be it family, community, country,…

Paul Kester

Ozzie, z"l, and Dorothy Goren – Intergenerational philanthropy in action, L’dor d’vor

In 2013, Dorothy Goren and her husband Ozzie, of blessed memory, decided to leave a…

Ozzie, z"l, and Dorothy Goren

Myron & Arlene Lieberman: A Helping Hand, From Venice Beach to Belarus

It was a trip a decade ago that opened Myron and Arlene Lieberman’s eyes to…

Mindy & Gene Stein

The Center for Designed Philanthropy has helped our giving become more strategic and impactful. Our…

Mindy & Gene Stein
The Tikun Olam Foundation at the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

Michael and Irene Ross Endowment Fund

Mickey and Irene Ross, of blessed memory, would feel very good knowing how their endowment…

Melissa Marantz Nealy Foundation

About the Melissa Marantz Nealy Foundation:Melissa Marantz Nealy died of a degenerative neuromuscular disease in…

Melissa Marantz Nealy
Melissa Marantz Nealy Foundation

Max Factor Family Foundation

The Max Factor Family Foundation (MFFF), a private family foundation, supports organizations that inspire hope…

Max Factor
Max Factor Family Foundation