Stacy Reznikoff Kent & Ranon Kent

Kent family

Stacy and Ranon are second-generation Foundation donors, having learned the value of tikkun olam and strategic giving from their parents. They opened a Donor Advised Fund of their own at The Foundation in 2005. Stacy recently joined our Israel Grants Committee and discusses her family’s relationship with us.

The Foundation: Why did you become a Foundation Donor?

Stacy: The short answer is because my parents (Rita and Herb Reznikoff, z”l) were Foundation donors. They always modeled for us their commitment to tzedakah, community, and supporting organizations and causes that they believe would affect our Jewish life both locally and globally.

Have you turned to The Foundation for guidance about your giving or used other Foundation services? What was that like for you?

Yes! When we were newly married and starting to build our own family, I remember speaking to our parents and reflecting that every organization I have ever said hello to is asking for support. How do you figure this out? How do we know who to support, especially when resources are limited and we can’t possibly give to everyone? At the time my dad said one way to start is, ‘Give where your kids are” — support the institutions that are helping them and your family grow. As you grow, you’ll see, you can branch out from there.

Since that time, both my parents passed away. Now we rely on The Foundation to help us navigate our charitable giving. It has offered not only a simple organizing structure but also education when we would have otherwise looked to our parents for that guidance. The Foundation has introduced us to organizations we would not otherwise know about and, equally important, to community leaders whose involvement in The Foundation has often served as our philanthropic mentoring model.

What Foundation educational or networking events have you attended, online or in-person? Why was it valuable for you?

We have attended online and in-person educational webinars on topics including family estate planning, local community building, and global relief efforts for Jewish communities in crisis. Each program has been a valuable experience and has reinforced the choice we made to be part of The Foundation.

This article was featured in The Foundation’s Fall 2022 Legacy magazine.