‘A grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles enabled Unistream to establish a new Entrepreneurship Center that serves dozens of new immigrant teenagers every year and provides them with an opportunity for social and economic mobility following their move to Israel. Furthermore, the new Entrepreneurship Center strengthens Unistream’s impact on Israeli society as well as our partnership with the Jewish community in Los Angeles,’ said Assaf Weiss, CEO of Unistream.

With the largest number of startups per capita, Israel is known as the Startup Nation. But for those living in Israel’s geographic and social periphery, opportunities in entrepreneurship are limited. Founded in 2001, Unistream works to narrow the socio-economic gaps in Israeli society. Its programs provide high potential youth from underprivileged communities with the opportunity to become successful adults. With thirteen Entrepreneurship Centers, Unistream is a leader in training low-income Israeli youth to be innovative and successful business people.

Through its Entrepreneurship Centers, Unistream helps teens and young adults achieve in academics, social integration, professional development, military service, and integration into the workforce.

In 2016, The Foundation awarded Unistream with an Israel Grant to establish a new Entrepreneurship Center at the Yemin Orde Youth Village in Northern Israel. The grant supports teens living in the social and geographic periphery with business development, entrepreneurship skills, and leadership training to help them forge meaningful and successful career paths.

In 2018 and 2019, Foundation staff and leadership visited Israel and explored Unistream’s Entrepreneurship Centers. Through these experiences, The Foundation gained further insight into how we can empower more young people in Israel and help them fulfill their potential.

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