Heidi Monkarsh – Lion of Judah to support the Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign


Heidi Monkarsh

Legacy: Lion of Judah (LOJE) fund at The Foundation which will provide permanent support to the Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign.

Inspiration: When she was about to turn 40 and was planning her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, Heidi wanted to so something significant to mark that special time in her life.

At the time I was advised, ‘Why wait until you turn 40, and why wait for the Bat Mitzvah? If this is something you want to do, do it now, Heidi says.

This led to her LOJE gift through The Foundation.

Foundation involvement: Heidi began her involvement with the Jewish Federation as an 18-year-old, when she made her first gift of $50. ‘At that time,’ Heidi recalls, ‘there was a Young Women’s Division, and I got active with them and have continued my involvement through the Women’s Division for all the years since.’

Financial timing: Regarding her LOJE gift, Heidi says:

It makes sense financially to plan this gift the younger you are, and I knew it was something I wanted to do. Aside from providing essentials for my children-food, clothing, education-what I most wanted for them is security in knowing they have a strong Jewish community.

Philanthropic approach: After Heidi and her husband met with a Foundation representative, she decided the most effective gift would be a life insurance policy.

That made a lot of sense, Heidi says, because in essence I really want to ‘insure’ the future of the Jewish people. Life insurance for her was symbolic of that very act.


It’s humbling to know that there is a place that is going to manage what’s important to me, and a place that understands my values and my commitment and goals,’ Heidi says of The Foundation. ‘Setting up this LOJE endowment fund has been a really wonderful, liberating feeling for me. It’s allowed me to use my voice and to show people that I have taken a step to do something that is true to my heart.