Jeff Astrof and Shawni Modrell-Astrof

Astrof family Israel

As our family of caring donors grows, so does our capacity to have a real, measurable impact in our community and in Israel. New donors and families bring fresh perspective, new passions, and deeply rooted values that enable us to strengthen our legacy of tikkun olam. New donors turn to us for expertise and support to match their ambition and generosity, and we partner with them to make their charitable visions a reality. From Israel advocacy to healthcare, Jewish education to human services, homelessness to children’s rights, donors use our deep knowledge and experience to make a tangible difference in our community. In this issue of Legacy, we introduce you to several of the newest members of our family to give you a taste of the variety of people who are attracted to The Foundation for their charitable giving.

Home base: Hancock Park

Profession: Television writer/producer

Giving philosophy: “As Jews, we are obligated to help our brothers and sisters around the world.”

Charitable passions: Jewish causes, helping the poor in Los Angeles and Israel

Jeff Astrof has channeled Hollywood success into a serious dedication to charitable giving, but he is quick to deflect credit for his generous philanthropy. “As an observant Jew, I believe tzedakah is one of the few mitzvot that you can use to ‘challenge’ G-d – so if you give more, you will acquire more,” he says. “It has been my experience that G-d has always held up his end of the bargain!” A TV writer/producer on shows like Trial & Error, Partners, Friends and dozens of others, Jeff and his wife Shawni enlisted the support of The Foundation to facilitate their annual contributions. “I’m very disorganized, and Shawni and I give to a lot of different causes, so at the end of every tax year I would wind up having to rifle through my emails hoping I had saved the tax receipts,” he recalls. “The Foundation has simplified my life in tremendous ways. Plus, I can contribute stock to my Donor Advised Fund and save on capital gains, which allows me to give even more!”