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Many publicly-traded stocks have recently increased greatly in value—think of AMZN, LYFT, META, MSFT, NVDA, and NFLX, among many others—and these gains present an opportunity to capitalize on tax laws encouraging charitable gifts of appreciated assets. Gifting appreciated stock directly to your fund at The Foundation—rather than selling the assets and donating the after-tax cash proceeds—can significantly increase the funds available to support your favorite causes while providing you with a larger tax benefit.

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Charitable contributions of long-term appreciated securities (those held for more than one year), including stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares, remain one of the most tax-efficient ways to add to your Donor Advised Fund. You are entitled to a tax deduction for the full fair market value of such gifts, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income in the current tax year, and you pay no capital gains tax on any appreciation.


"I can contribute to our Donor Advised Fund and save on capital gains, which allows me to give even more!"

-Jeff Astrof, Foundation Donor, Television Writer/Producer

Here’s how to donate stock to The Foundation:

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  1. If you don’t already have a fund with us and want to open one with a stock donation, contact us to get the simple process of opening a Donor Advised Fund started. 
  2. After the fund is created, consult your investment advisor and review your portfolio for opportunities. 
  3. Select the stock(s) and how many shares of each that you’d like to donate.
  4. Fill out our stock donation form and send it to your broker.
  5. Contact The Foundation to let us know your stock donation is on the way.
  6. After the stock is successfully transferred by your broker to The Foundation, it will be sold and the proceeds directed to your Donor Advised Fund. It’s typically a very quick process. You will then be able to make grants to organizations you love immediately.

With a current elevated market, now is the opportune time for an appreciated stock donation!

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