Donating Cryptocurrency

Much like appreciated stocks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can now be contributed to your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at The Foundation.

Contributing cryptocurrency ensures that your tax deduction will equal the fair market value of the asset.

And, instead of paying capital gains, the full value of your cryptocurrency will be available for charitable purposes.

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When donating cryptocurrency to a DAF, you are entitled to a tax deduction up to 30% of your adjusted gross income in the current tax year. The result? Giving back using non-cash assets, like cryptocurrency and stock, are among the most tax-efficient ways to ensure that more charitable resources are available to support your favorite causes.

The Foundation is now partnering with The Giving Block to facilitate these transactions and to ensure a secure, compliant, easy-to-navigate experience.

Make a tax-deductible cryptocurrency donation today!

Step-by-step instructions

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Here is how to donate cryptocurrency to The Foundation.

  1. If you don't already have a a fund with us and want to open one with a cryptocurrency donation, contact us to open a Donor Advised Fund.
  2. After the fund is created, visit The Foundation’s page on The Giving Block or click the button above to make your donation.
  3. Under ‘Select your crypto’ select the type of cryptocurrency you’d like to donate from the dropdown.
  4. Enter your donation amount in the cryptocurrency of your choice or USD.
  5. Enter your personal information and click ‘Next’.
  6. Enter your email address to receive a tax receipt and click ‘Get receipt’.
  7. Complete the transaction on The Giving Block using the address provided or the QR code to complete the donation from your wallet.
  8. Check your ‘Donor Services Login’ at The Foundation to see your contribution reflected in your account balance.

Questions? Contact us today at 323.761.8704 or by email.

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