Mindy & Gene Stein


Mindy & Gene Stein

The Center for Designed Philanthropy has helped our giving become more strategic and impactful. Our children are also more involved in our family’s philanthropy, thanks to the Center,” said the Steins. “If anyone wants to improve their philanthropy, we recommend calling the Center. They are so knowledgeable about developing meaningful and effective philanthropy and offer wonderful program ideas.

Longtime Foundation donors Mindy and Gene Stein wanted a vehicle to include their children in their philanthropy while supporting the well-being of less fortunate families. The Steins had a vision of family philanthropy but needed guidance on how best to refine it and put it into action. In 2001, they created a Family Support Organization at the Jewish Community Foundation—the Tikun Olam Foundation (meaning “healing the world”)—and began working more closely with the Center for Designed Philanthropy team.

The Tikun Olam Foundation’s grantmaking—which Mindy and Gene call “investments”—focuses on early childhood development: public education, infant mental health, and parenting skills to promote positive early learning experiences and encourage the development of strong families. Both Mindy and Gene credit the Center for its role in helping to hone and shape their vision into strategic grantmaking, including working collaboratively to develop a strategic plan, and recommending and vetting prospective organizations.

The Center has worked with the Tikun Olam foundation on developing significant grants to a number of early childhood-focused organizations including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, ZERO TO THREE, and Children’s Bureau.

The Tikun Olam Foundation at the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles