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Our Board Designed Philanthropy Stories of Giving Our Experts Giving Tools I Want to Explore I Want to Explore Becoming a Donor From Donor Advised Funds to Family Support Organizations to Endowment Funds, The Foundation offers a multitude of ways to streamline your giving. call out two I Want to Explore Grant Opportunities Through grantmaking, The Foundation and its donors support new and established charitable programs locally, nationally, and in Israel, positively influencing countless lives. I Want to Explore Designed Giving The Center for Designed Philanthropy provides resources, expertise, and connections to donors so they can design thoughtful, personalized and effective giving strategies. Important Giving NewsOpen a Donor Advised Fund and Empower Your Giving Learn More Ensure Your Legacy With An Endowment Learn More Top 10 Reasons To Work With The Foundation Learn More $1.4 Billion+In Assets Under Management 1,300+Donor Families Trust The Foundation 67Years of Unparalleled Experience $1 BillionDistributed Over 12 Years Previous Next How to Give Donor Advised FundsOpen a flexible, user-friendly fund with a minimum balance of $5,000. EndowmentsCreate a fund to support charities in perpetuity. BequestsMake a gift in your will or trust. Other OptionsLearn more about other ways to give, such as Family Support Organizations and Charitable Trusts. jQuery( function() {jQuery( ‘#tabs’ ).tabs();} );Stories of GivingDonorAdvisor The Foundation has helped our family expand its philanthropic scope and is bringing a new level of professionalism to our charitable giving process.Mindy & Gene Stein The Tikun Olam Foundation at the Jewish Community Foundation