Friendship Circle of Los Angeles



Friendship Circle provides Jewish children and young adults with special needs with a full range of social, recreational, educational, and Judaic experiences including Sunday Hebrew School, weekly playdates, and holiday programs. With reduced options for childcare and schooling, particularly for children with disabilities, families rely on Friendship Circle’s services.

grant programs

2023 Cutting Edge Grant


To launch the Creative Center for Adults, which will provide Jewish adults with developmental disabilities with meaningful employment opportunities and social engagement through a variety of creative activities, such as skateboard assembly and sales, arts and crafts, and gift design. The program aims to provide participants with meaningful activities during the day, help them develop new skills, build confidence, and connect with the Jewish community.

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To mitigate the economic hardship resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and to help them achieve long-term organizational sustainability.

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Friendship Circle of Los Angeles


To reach and serve a larger number of families with special needs by improving its volunteer infrastructure, outreach to families, and developing a fund strategy for the next stage of its growth. 

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Programs for Youth with Special Needs


Programs for Youth with Special Needs will provide a martial arts program for Jewish special needs children to improve self-discipline, self-esteem and physical fitness.

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