Programs for Youth with Special Needs

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Programs for Youth with Special Needs
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Cutting Edge
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Founded in 2002, Friendship Circle provides Jewish children and young adults with special needs with a full range of social, recreational, educational, and Judaic experiences and enriches, inspires and motivates Jewish teenagers through volunteer and leadership opportunities. 


Programs for Youth with Special Needs will provide a martial arts program for Jewish special needs children to improve self-discipline, self-esteem and physical fitness.

The Goal of The Friendship Circle is to provide friendship and support to Jewish children who have special needs and their families. Thanks to the cutting edge grant of The Jewish Foundation and their backing of our Club Kung Fu/Girls' Karate Club, we are able to give so many more children the opportunity not only to develop new skills but to make friends and positively impact their self-esteem in a warm, nurturing Jewish environment.

Rabbi Michael Rav-Noy, M.A.
Executive Director, Friendship Circle of Los Angeles