Funded and named by you, a Family Support Organization gives you the flexibility to make grants to specific organizations or fields of interest, both in the Jewish community and the community at large.


Donate cash • stock • real estate$2.5 million minimumTax Deduction

Create A Family Support Organization

Focus philanthropic impact

Involve children and grandchildren

Invest assets

Support charities


Your Family Support Organization is a separate tax-exempt entity overseen by a board of directors. As a separate entity, the support organization has its own mission statement, grant guidelines, and letterhead.  As the entity is classified as a public charity (not a private foundation), your contributions to the support organization receive favorable tax treatment.

The board of the supporting organization includes individuals appointed by the family, as well as individuals appointed by The Foundation in consultation with the family. Our goal is to appoint people who will assist your supporting organization in its philanthropic goals. As board members or officers, your family is actively involved in the support organization's management and grantmaking.

If you're thinking about establishing a private foundation, contact us first. With a minimum gift of $2.5 million, a Family Support Organization at The Foundation can fulfill your philanthropic vision in a way that best meets your financial and tax planning needs. It's also a way to involve future generations of your family in philanthropy.

Advantages of a Family Support Organization

  • Immediate current-year tax deduction
  • No excise tax on investment income
  • Grant-making flexibility
  • Intergenerational family participation

The specific benefits of a Family Support Organization are influenced by a number of variables such as the donor's age, income tax bracket, size of gift, and type of assets used.

Contact our Development Office at 323.761.8704 or by email for more information.

Learn more in our Family Support Organization brochure