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      2012 Annual Report
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      Legacy - Winter 2013
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      Design & Impact News - Vol. 2 No. 2

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    GrapeVine LA

    To connect an estimated 8,000 Jewish young adults with Jewish...

    Smart Consumer

    Teach financial education to over 250 women to increase their...

    Moshava Malibu

    To create the only Orthodox movement-based overnight camp west of the...


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    "It's humbling to know that there is a place that is going to manage what's important to me, and a place - the Jewish Community Foundation - that understands my values, my commitment and goals."

    - Heidi Monkarsh, Foundation Donor

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    From the Desk of Marvin I. Schotland - Why We’re Optimistic about the Future

    President & CEO


    The recent Pew Research Center’s survey on American Jews has generated much reaction. Some people worry that it portends less Jewish identity and community affiliation in the future, while others see hopeful signs in the survey’s findings. One thing the study definitely reveals: There are enormous complexities in accurately assessing Jewish identity and affiliation, and equal challenges in appropriately addressing issues raised by such a survey.


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