Top 10 Reasons to Work with The Foundation

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WHY US: 10 Reasons Working with The Foundation Is Different... and Better.

You have many choices when selecting where to open a charitable fund, but we believe we stand out in our field by collaborating with donors on solutions that meet their needs and improve our community, when this type of support is requested. We strive to provide a customized, rewarding, and personal experience. Here are 10 reasons we feel our collaborative approach distinguishes us from all the rest.


Trust Our Expertise in Los Angeles and Israel

We are experts in the charitable terrain of Los Angeles and Israel. Many large corporate investment firms offering charitable funds often lack the localized expertise you need, as they are typically far removed from the nonprofits you want to learn about and support. Our deep resources ensure that you have access to the best possible guidance.


Access Designed Philanthropy

Our Center for Designed Philanthropy provides expert guidance on your giving, vets causes, and works with different generations of a family to solve grantmaking challenges. Take advantage of the many complimentary services to help you and your family design your giving more strategically.


Depend on Our Longevity

We are proud that our staff members value their roles and invest their careers with us. Our average staff tenure is 10 years, meaning donors receive a great deal of valued stability and reliability.


Connect with a Real Person

Our dedicated development team members connect with you personally. If you call, they’ll either pick up or respond promptly to a voice mail—no 1-800 call center treatment. We pride ourselves on the personal and collaborative relationships you develop with a committed, caring, and knowledgeable professional who will partner with you for years to come.


Enjoy an Ownership Share in Our Grantmaking

Because the fee on donor funds supports The Foundation’s various grant programs, you have an ownership share of our robust grantmaking throughout Los Angeles and in Israel. Unlike for-profit investment firms offering charitable funds, our fee doesn’t disappear—it continues to do good and give back. With us, your giving is larger than just your own charitable fund.


Attend Educational Events

We continually develop opportunities for donors to learn and network. We understand that the more philanthropic knowledge you have, the better your experience, so we host educational events throughout the year in donors’ homes, museums, art galleries, and more.


Make Complex Gifts 

Whether you’re selling a business or a share in a real estate project, we can efficiently convert that asset into charitable dollars through our team of experts. We collaborate with your professional advisor(s) and welcome complex transactions. Giving shouldn’t be complicated!


Be Prepared in Times of Crisis

Having a fund with us means you're prepared to give immediately in an emergency through our convenient online donor services portal. You also have access to expert advisors at the Center for Designed Philanthropy who can quickly refer you to vetted organizations to address the crisis.


Create a Tribute Fund

To celebrate special occasions—a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, birth, or retirement—or to honor a loved one’s memory, you can create a Tribute Fund. It enables family and friends to easily make contributions and can be created immediately at your request.


Build a Permanent Family Legacy

There is no better place in Los Angeles for you to build a charitable legacy for your family. Our multigenerational donor base is proof that lasting legacies are built here. Please join us!