Jeremy Barnett

Barnett Family

A Calabasas resident, Jeremy is the chief marketing officer for Cyberscout, a cybersecurity services company. The Barnett family has been connected to The Foundation for many years, as Jeremy’s aunt, Marilyn Mars, was once a member of the staff. Giving through The Foundation is still a family affair, as his three kids, in their late teens and early twenties, are directly involved in making philanthropic decisions.

The Foundation: What is the value of opening a Donor Advised Fund?

Jeremy Barnett: One of the great benefits of setting up a Donor Advised Fund with The Foundation is the ability to set up multiple funds with the kids. Helping them channel their passion for social action, and enabling them to manage their own funds and giving, has been a great learning experience for all of us. Not only are my kids challenging themselves to identify organizations they wish to support, but they have also recognized how the Jewish community has created this important mechanism to optimize giving and, most importantly, the impact of their tzedakah.

The Foundation: What is your area of areas of charitable passion?

Jeremy: Organizations within the Jewish community that are doing great work have been my focus. Camp Ramah, IKAR, and Impact Israel all have important missions, and I feel that supporting them and, in turn, their constituents, is most helpful.

The Foundation: How has the global pandemic affected your giving strategy?

Jeremy: It has brought to light how important it is for individuals in the private sector to help each other. We’re focused on supporting organizations that are caring for the most vulnerable this winter.

This article was featured in The Foundation’s Winter 2020 Legacy magazine.