LOTUS – Women’s High-Tech Hub



Established in 2018, Lotus: Women’s High-Tech Hub addresses the lack of quality employment opportunities for young Orthodox Druze women, who live in Israel’s periphery (the Druze villages of the Carmel Mountain Region, near Haifa) and represent untapped talent for the high-tech industry. Lotus’s unique model supports quality remote employment modeled to fit the Israeli high-tech industry. Its bootcamp program attracts young Druze women who graduated high school with excellent STEM matriculation, offering relevant software development training, soft skills training, and guaranteed job placement, thanks to strategic partnerships with leading tech firms in Israel.



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To train young religious Druze women (ages 18-35), including mothers, in a quality, intensive high-tech program that leads to successful employment in Israel's technology sector. By providing computer programming bootcamps and soft skills workshops to participants, while partnering with tech firms to ensure job opportunities, Lotus prepares Druze women to integrate into the Israeli workforce with long-term success.

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