Mark Schwartz – Zionism and the long-term security of Israel


Mark Schwartz is chairman and CEO of Hypertension Diagnostics, a medical device company based in Minneapolis, MN. The former Wall Street investment banker helped Starbucks Coffee raise its first round of institutional financing and used appreciated shares of Starbucks stock to open a Donor Advised Fund at The Foundation. An entrepreneur and an investment banker, as well as member of The Foundation’s Board of Trustees-Mark understood the substantial tax advantages of such a move and turned to The Foundation, which helped him eliminate capital gains tax and qualify for a current-year tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock.

When you are dealing with appreciated stock, minutes and seconds count. The Foundation is set up to work stock market hours and provides the same level of professionalism that I have experienced with the best Wall Street investment firms.

Mark also knew that The Foundation could help him identify causes that match his unique giving interests – Zionism and the long-term security of Israel.

It’s absolutely critical to have a thriving Jewish state. My passion for Zionism dates back to my first trip to Israel with the National UJA Young Leadership Cabinet. We visited a kibbutz near the Lebanese border, and I realized that I was seeing Israel at its most vulnerable point. That small community was guarding the future of Israel and Judaism. It was an incredibly moving experience.

Mark Schwartz

CEO of Hypertension Diagnostics