Next Stage Grants

We will not be holding a Next Stage Grants process in 2022. Please continue to check our website for updated grant information.

Next Stage Grants is a competitive, capacity building program of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, designed to support a dynamic and thriving Los Angeles Jewish community in the present and into the future.  The grant provides coaching and targeted funding to Jewish Los Angeles nonprofits for significant capacity building projects, including strategic planning, organizational and staff restructuring, board and staff development, and major infrastructure improvements.

How much funding is available?

We fund organizations for up to $250,000 over a three-year period.

The Next Stage Grant selection process spans an 8-month period.

How do I apply?

The Foundation’s website will be updated when the next cycle of Next Stage Grants opens. If you have any questions, please contact Warren Fong, Senior Program Officer, at [email protected].

Applicant Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicant is a Jewish nonprofit that operates in Los Angeles and has 501c3 status. National organizations with operations in Los Angeles are encouraged to apply for projects with a primary focus on improving their capacity to work in the Los Angeles area.
  • Applicant has an annual operating budget of $250,000* – $10 million. National organizations with operations in Los Angeles will be evaluated based on the operating budget of their Los Angeles regional operations.

*For interested former Cutting Edge Grant recipients who have budgets under the minimum, please contact Foundation staff

Proposal must demonstrate:
  1. Organizational Readiness: The organization has a successful track record of serving the Los Angeles community, has the infrastructure in place to use a grant to address important organizational needs, and has a clearly demonstrated need and opportunity to grow.
  2. Strength of Request: The request clearly and realistically demonstrates how the organization will leverage the grant to sustainably grow and increase its impact in the community.
  3. Impact: The organization serves an important, unmet, and growing need in the community that requires the organization to build its capacity.
  4. Leadership & Management Capacity: Leadership has been relatively stable and demonstrates the ability to lead significant projects to strengthen the organization.
  5. Learning Orientation: The organization has a team of dedicated staff and board leadership who are committed to and invested in the proposal’s capacity building priorities, demonstrating an openness to evaluation and change.
  6. Financial Stability: The organization is financially stable.
  7. Visibility: The proposal offers an opportunity for significant visibility for The Jewish Community Foundation.
Eligibility Restrictions
  • Organizations that have an open Cutting Edge Grant or open Next Stage Grant.
  • Synagogues or day schools.*

*Notes: Synagogues and day schools are eligible for both our Cutting Edge Grant and Capital Grants process. Visit those pages for more details.

See our Next Stage Grants Brochure for a list of previous Next Stage Grant recipients.

To learn more about Next Stage Grants and how to support capacity building, check out the Next Stage Grants Learning Report, developed in partnership with Engage R+D, which shares the successes and learnings from our 2017 Next Stage Grants Pilot.