Grantee Marketing Guidelines

Congratulations on your recent grant!

On this page you will find information about marketing your recent grant from The Foundation. For any further questions, please contact Janet Keller, Marketing and Communications Manager.

Please send any public announcements for review to Janet prior to their release.

Grantee Photo, Logo, and Quote Request

We will feature you and your grant in Our Grantees and in our marketing materials. Please upload your organization’s logo, photos of your work and constituents in action on our Grants Marketing Materials Form.

Please make sure you have all assets prepared prior to filling out the form.

Grantee Marketing Materials Form

Congratulations on your recent grant! We would love to promote your organization and its partnership with The Foundation in our marketing materials. Before beginning this form, please make sure you have all assets ready to upload, which includes your organization's logo, at least 3 high-res photos with captions, and a quote talking about the grant's potential impact. Please reach out to Janet Keller, Marketing and Communications Manager, at with any questions.

Organization Information

Who is the contact for marketing inquiries at your organization?(Required)

Upload Your Logo

Please upload the logo you would like The Foundation to use in its marketing materials.
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Please upload at least three high-resolution photos displaying your work in-action, ideally relating to the grant.
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    Quote Request

    We’d like to include a quote from your organzation about your grant on our website and potentially other Foundation marketing materials. Please share a quote in the comment box below that speaks about the grant's planned impact on your work and organization. It's up to your discretion who the quote comes from, but most commonly the quotes come from executive leadership. They can also come from people who are directly impacted by your programs. Here are some examples of previous grantee quotes: “Thanks to the generous support of The Foundation, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is able to step up to meet the incredible increase in the demand for food assistance in our community. This funding will help provide nutritious food to families, children, seniors and individuals in our community giving them hope during this difficult time.” -Michael Flood, President & CEO, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. “With The Foundation’s support, RespectAbility will be able to launch Project Moses, a training and placement program for talented Jews with disabilities to serve the Jewish community of greater Los Angeles. Project Moses will be a win-win for Jews with disabilities and LA’s Jewish community overall.” Matan Koch, Director, Project Moses.
    Who is the quote credited to?(Required)

    Grant Recognition Marketing

    Please refer to your award letter that outlines the recognition requirements of your grant. Reach out to Janet Keller, Marketing and Communications Manager, with any questions.

    Please review our guidelines below and share with those involved in designing your materials. We very much look forward to working with you!

    Please be in touch with us with any recognition materials before printing or posting. This could include: email newsletter, social posts, mention in printed brochure, annual report, etc.

    We appreciate the opportunity to review your materials before you print/publish so that we can see the usage and placement of our name and brand (logo/artwork/name/recognition language). We understand you will have printing deadlines, and we do turn these items around very quickly. That said, please give us as much time as possible (at least a couple of working days) so that we can review these and return them to you with approval on a timely basis. We can work together on placement, clarity, problem-solve, etc.

    Send materials for review to Janet Keller at


    When mentioning The Foundation, please use our full name:

    Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.


    In a secondary mention, you may write The Foundation (a capital “T” should be used only in the second mention – not with our full name).


    Our boilerplate language is on our For Grants Recipients page, and is for use in press releases or other materials, and other media opportunities.

    Below please find The Foundation’s logo in jpg, png, and eps formats.

    The preferred color application is reflex blue. You may also use the logo in black or in white (on a black or dark blue background).

    If you have other color schemes, please bring to our attention so we can collaborate on a case by case basis on what would be most appropriate for your materials.


    If you plan to post about your grant on social media, please tag us or invite us to collaborate on a post!

    Here are our pages for you to follow and tag:
    Instagram - @jcflosangeles
    Facebook - @jcflosangeles
    LinkedIn – Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles


    When you are doing press interviews, please keep us in mind. We would be happy to have a Foundation spokesperson provide perspectives about The Foundation’s support of your program to the journalist. 

    Please let us know details ahead of time so we can make arrangements.


    Here are some suggestions for quick Grant Recognition Statements:          

    • Supported by a generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
    • We are proud recipients of a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

    As a reminder, please refer to the contact person on your award letter for all things related to your grant itself, such as Grant Reports, Payments, etc.