Wilshire Boulevard Temple University

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Wilshire Boulevard Temple University
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Reimagine Grants
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Active since 1862, Wilshire Boulevard Temple is a Reform temple located in Koreatown. It offers congregants a lifelong experience, inspiring a deeper love of and commitment to Jewish learning and identity, God, Israel, and tikkun olam. It houses an early childhood center, an elementary school, and a religious school.


To support professional development, leadership development, and staff wellness strategies responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on synagogue clergy, staff, and lay leadership.

Professional staff members are often forgotten as the people who are keeping our Jewish institutions running day in and out. Our team members are tired, and self-care and professional growth have been set to the side while managing the constant, intense nature of running a synagogue during a pandemic. While we work every day to care for our congregants, it is hard to stop and care for ourselves. We envision that this Reimagine Grant will help us set aside time to engage in personal and professional development, and to help us help our staff to find a work-life balance once again.

Jodi Berman
Associate Executive Director