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COVID-19 Response
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Founded in 1977, Tomchei Shabbos aims to alleviate challenges facing families living an observant life in Greater Los Angeles, with a focus on the Orthodox Jewish community. Emphasizing dignity and discretion, its programs include a food bank, job-link program, financial counseling, and basic needs provisions such as clothing, diapers, furniture and more.


Tomchei Shabbos has seen a 400% increase in demand for kosher food since the pandemic began. A number of people who previously did not need food assistance have reached out to Tomchei Shabbos due to job and business loss, including people who were formerly donors to the organization. It is expanding its services to reach more families, offering kosher food, dry goods, diapers, Shabbat meals, and clothes and toys to families who are thoroughly vetted.

On behalf of the over 3,000 individuals we provide food for Shabbos, the Holidays and the week, we would like to thank the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles for arranging this vital grant. It is only through the benevolence of special partners like The Foundation that allow us to assist the most needy and vulnerable in our community during these most challenging times.

Schneur Braunstein
Executive Director, Touch of Kindness