The High School Israel Education

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The High School Israel Education
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Cutting Edge
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Founded in 2001, StandWithUs is an international Israel education organization dedicated to educating people of all ages about Israel and combating the extremism and anti-Semitism that often distorts the issues. It works to increase understanding and improve misperceptions about Israel through education and outreach. 


The High School Outreach Program provides educational workshops, seminars, presentations, and resources to high schools to inspire students to become better educated about Israel and to be prepared to combat anti-Israel sentiment they amy face on college campuses.

An existing DVD from the program about Israel's technological innovations really captured the students' attention. They're still talking the flying cars, and the camera-in-a-pill that is used to diagnose cancer. And they were fascinated to learn about the agricultural innovations that Israel is implementing in Darfur and other third-world countries.

Janice Goodman
Teacher, Culver City High School