Simon Wiesenthal Center

Field of Interest: 
Arts & Culture
Program Name: 
Museum of Tolerance Renovation
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Organization Description: 

The Museum of Tolerance is the educational division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization founded in 1977 dedicated to preserving the lessons of the Holocaust and fostering tolerance and understanding in today's world. The Museum of Tolerance challenges visitors to confront anti-Semitism, bigotry and racism; to understand the Holocaust in both historic and contemporary contexts; and to assume responsibility for positive change through customized tours, high-tech exhibits, and interactive workshops.

Grant Purpose: 

The Museum of Tolerance Renovation will provide a new state-of-the-art facility for its programs.

The Youth Action Lab is a dynamic place for diversity training for schools, gang members, at-risk youngsters and others. We're grateful to The Foundation for this support, and we see it as a meaningful partnership between the Center and The Foundation.

Rabbi Meyer H. May
Center Executive Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance