Shalom Hartman Institute

Field of Interest: 
Jewish Identity
Program Name: 
Be'eri Carmiel
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Established in 1976, The Shalom Hartman Institute (SHI) is an educational center located in Jerusalem that aims to shape Jewish life in Israel and around the world.  Its mission is to 'engage a new generation of Jews, who live within the global marketplace of ideas, and inspire them to develop a commitment to Jewish life and the Jewish people through innovative and creative thinking, gifted and visionary leaders, and transformational education programs.'  The Institute houses an advanced research center for more than 50 scholars per year, a high school for boys with more than 350 students, an in-house publications department, international theology and philosophy conferences and centers for training educators, rabbis and lay community leaders.

    Grant Purpose: 

    Be'eri  provides a pluralistic resource center for two non-religious high schools to integrate innovative Jewish education and help strength Jewish identity among 4,000 high school students.