Panim: The Israeli Judaism Network

Field of Interest: 
Jewish Identity
Program Name: 
HaMovilim: Leadership Development Program
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 2011, Panim: The Israeli Judaism Network (Panim) is an umbrella organization that works to create a pluralistic Israeli Jewish society. It brings together 60 member-organizations throughout Israel that run educational programs and community activities, to promote both traditional and modern Israeli values including democracy, Zionism, equality, and humanism. Panim reinforces the work of its partner organizations by producing research that informs their programming, creating content that effectively generates public debate, and by hosting professional conferences and seminars, which create platforms for the dissemination of knowledge through peer networking and training.

Grant Purpose: 

HaMovilim: Leadership Development Program provides Beit Midrash facilitators with professional development opportunities that focus on Jewish values, democracy, and current social challenges, so that these facilitators can more effectively engage their communities in pluralistic Jewish learning and action.