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COVID-19 Response
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Founded in 1969, the Los Angeles LGBT Center (the Center) was the first openly LGBTQ nonprofit and currently is the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to serving the needs of the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ people disproportionately suffer poorer health and socioeconomic outcomes as a result of societal stigma, discrimination, unconscious bias, and denial of civil rights.


The LA LGBT Center is a support system and lifeline for LGBTQ youth. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center is offering youth experiencing housing instability with shortterm housing through their Host Homes program, where youth are matched with LGBTQ members in the community for stays of up to six months. It is also helping youth who have been laid off enroll in unemployment to help them maintain income and housing. The Center itself houses up to 107 youth at a time through housing facilities on its campus.

As a first responder to our community, we are determined to ensure that resources and services are available for those who need them the most during the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to the generosity from partners like the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, we can continue our work to help LGBTQ people thrive and stay healthy.

Lorri L. Jean
CEO, Los Angeles LGBT Center