JQ International

JQ International
Program Name: 
JQ International
Grant Year: 
Grant Type: 
Cutting Edge
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Field of Interest: 
Vulnerable Populations
Grant Purpose: 

To build the infrastructure, expand and diversify membership, and develop partnerships for the purpose of facilitating Jewish engagement, identification of leadership among the LGBTQ Jewish population, and fostering its inclusion in the broader Jewish community.


Founded in 2004, JQ International works to create community and advance greater inclusion of LGBTQ Jews and allies through identity-building programs and services that embody Jewish values. 

Grant Quote: 

"We are thrilled that there is an organization out there that is looking beyond the status quo into areas where there is a real need. The Foundation saw us as a project that spoke to their mission of supporting innovative ways to help people reconnect with their Jewish identity. They helped us create a vision that they could support and, in doing so, provided us with incredible validation."                       

- Barry Gellis, Executive Director, JQ International