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Jewish Identity
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Established in 1989, Hamidrasha facilitates the acquisition of Jewish culture among secular Israelis, promotes a meaningful connection with Jewish heritage, and creates a more pluralistic cultural and spiritual landscape in Israel. It trains leaders who influence family life, the school system, and community/public life. Programs connect study, practice and volunteerism with Jewish life. It reaches 40,000 participants a year, working with diverse populations in schools, communities, and adult education settings. 

Grant Purpose: 

Makom engages 20,000 secular Jewish children, families, teachers and community members in Jewish culture through customized and interconnected educational, community-building and social justice programs.

"HaMidrasha’s Makom Program makes the traditions, wisdom, values and communal spirit of Judaism accessible and relevant to every Jewish Israeli.' - Dr. Moti Zeira, CEO, HaMidrasha Educational Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Israel