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Founded in 1972, Girls Club of Los Angeles (GCLA) is a community center that enriches the lives of underserved, at-risk boys and girls, youth and families through early education, youth development, and community outreach. Its Faith Children’s Center provides early education to children ages two to five years old and its Freedom School READ LEAD program serves K-12 youth through six-weeks of summer literacy and cultural enrichment. Its youth program, Project LEAYD, prepares at-risk students for college and careers with a strong focus on building resiliency, life skills, and a strong support network. In addition to education programs, it is also the lead agency in both the Early Learning Alliance (a network of 14 South LA early education nonprofits) and Best Start West Athens (an organization that teaches and organizes parents to advocate for the needs of their children in the community).


To expand the number of young children it serves at its early childcare center as well as implement trauma-informed practices and programs in its curriculum to help its children recover from the emotional trauma of the pandemic. It will also support the dissemination of a new curriculum to 14 early childcare centers that serve nearly 3,000 children.

The Girls Club of Los Angeles is beyond grateful to The Foundation's commitment to strengthen our organizational effectiveness to support educators in eliminating structural inequities that limit equitable learning opportunities. Our customized 'best practices' handbook and 'train the trainer' model represents the most systemic and policy change course of action for cultivating and promoting equity in the education setting. This grant will help students thrive, families to become more engaged, and communities to be empowered to close the educational gap and advance education equity.

Gloria J. Davis
Executive Director