Educating for Excellence

Field of Interest: 
Economic Development
Program Name: 
Economic and Financial Prep for Underserved High School Students
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Established in 1999, Educating for Excellence (E4E) works to strengthen Israeli society by reducing socio-economic gaps for at-risk or underserved youth who reside in Israel’s periphery. E4E’s intensive program accompanies each child for over 10 years, over 12-16 weekly hours (four days a week) and during vacations, starting in third grade onward. It provides 1) tailored academic tutoring and support; 2) experiential learning; 3) personal development programs for confidence-building; and 4) social leadership opportunities.

Grant Purpose: 

The Economic and Financial Prep for Underserved High School Students program engages underserved students in an academic, multidisciplinary program that provides a strong foundation to pursuing higher education and learning job skills, while overcoming existing socio-economic barriers.