Eden Association

Field of Interest: 
At-Risk Youth
Program Name: 
Second Chance
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 1997, Eden Association works with at-risk girls ages 12-18, helping them to re-claim their lives and escape cycles of poverty and violence.  The Association includes the Eden Therapeutic Residential Home for At-Risk Teenage Girls, an additional therapeutic residential home for at-risk children, a school for girls, and a social business café.  The organization is in the preliminary stages of creating an occupational training center and a health clinic.  All of Eden Association’s programs combine behavioral therapies and a feminist-focused approach.  The approach helps girls understand that they are the ones responsible for changing their lives and securing a better future.

Grant Purpose: 

Second Chance provides girls with the education, life skills and employment experience needed to become self-sufficient, successful adults.