Atid Bamidbar

Field of Interest: 
Jewish Identity
Program Name: 
Jewish Empowerment for Russian-Speaking Israelis in the Negev
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 1990, Atid Bamidbar connects Jews living in the Negev with each other and with their Jewish heritage using a creative, egalitarian, and culturally-sensitive approach. It pursues its mission by running 20 annual programs that include cultural & community events, leadership workshops and Jewish identity programming that attract over 12,000 participants annually.

Grant Purpose: 

Jewish Empowerment for Russian-Speaking Israelis in the Negev provides 1,100 Russian-speaking Israelis with knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture; strengthened Jewish identity; comfort and connection with native Israelis; and the tools to incorporate Jewish learning and customs into their daily lives.

We look forward to a meaningful partnership with The Foundation and to positively impacting the lives of hundreds of Russian-speakers throughout the Negev.

Deborah Goldman Golan
Co-founder and President, Atid Bamidbar