Atid Bamidbar

Atid Bamidbar
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Jewish Empowerment for Russian-Speaking Israelis in the Negev
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Jewish Identity
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Jewish Empowerment for Russian-Speaking Israelis in the Negev provides 1,100 Russian-speaking Israelis with knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture; strengthened Jewish identity; comfort and connection with native Israelis; and the tools to incorporate Jewish learning and customs into their daily lives.


Founded in 1990, Atid Bamidbar connects Jews living in the Negev with each other and with their Jewish heritage using a creative, egalitarian, and culturally-sensitive approach. It pursues its mission by running 20 annual programs that include cultural & community events, leadership workshops and Jewish identity programming that attract over 12,000 participants annually.

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"We look forward to a meaningful partnership with The Foundation and to positively impacting the lives of hundreds of Russian-speakers throughout the Negev.” -Deborah Goldman Golan, Co-founder and President, Atid Bamidbar