Amutat Kaima

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Economic Development
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Founded in 2013, Amutat Kaima (Kaima) works to improve the lives of at-risk youth who have dropped out of high school or are on the cusp of doing so, through a multifaceted approach including organic farming, leadership development, vocational education, and community activities. With one main farm and three independent sister farms across Israel’s geographic periphery, at-risk youth earn a salary while simultaneously learning the fundamentals of organic farming, environmental stewardship, social entrepreneurship, and teamwork.


To mitigate the economic hardships faced by The Foundation’s grantees in Israel, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help them achieve long-term organizational sustainability.

In the face of the pandemic, our friends and partners at The Foundation didn’t hesitate to ask what we needed. We thank the trustees for making it possible for the Kaima educational farm network to continue to provide employment and complementary educational programming at our prototype farm just outside of Jerusalem and help sustain the work of our younger, sister farms located in Israel’s geographic peripheries.

Yoni Yefet Reich
CEO & Co-Founder