2023 Cutting Edge Grant

Field of Interest:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Program Name:
Jewtina y Co.: Dedicated LA Presence
Grant Type:
Cutting Edge
Grant Website
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To establish a Dedicated LA Presence by engaging hundreds of Latin-Jewish community members of all ages in leadership, community-building, and educational experiences. The program aims to inspire and empower Latin-Jews to embrace their multicultural identity, expand their Latin-Jewish network, and take on local leadership roles while simultaneously widening the LA Jewish community's understanding of the Latin-Jewish experience.

The generous grant from The Foundation propels Jewtina y Co. forward in our mission to elevate and advocate for the vibrant Latin-Jewish community in Los Angeles. Highlighted by the findings of the 2021 Study of Jewish LA, our goal is to better serve the 28,000 Latin-Jewish individuals, fortifying the cultural richness of the 19,500 Jewish households with Latin family members, and nurturing the shared future of the 43,000 individuals within Latin-Jewish homes throughout the city. This grant enables us to tailor our services to the unique fabric of our community, including the 6% of our Jewish children who are Latino, by providing culturally relevant programming and multigenerational support. This funding is a pivotal investment in reinforcing the interwoven futures of two of the most dynamic ethnic communities in Los Angeles—the Jewish and Latino/a communities—fostering stronger community coalitions and enhancing our shared narratives of resilience, culture, and identity.

Analucia Lopezrevoredo
Founder and Executive Director