Zioness Movement



Established in 2019 and based in New York, Zioness is a progressive Jewish organization that works to change the way the term Zionist is perceived on the left by building a national grassroots movement, creating partnerships with non-Jewish progressive organizations, and engaging with different groups of Jews. Zioness accomplishes its goals through three main activities: 1) community organizing; 2) advocacy and partnerships, building relationships with non-Jewish (and some Jewish) progressive organizations, coalitions, grassroots leaders, and political leaders who are engaged in activism and have influence on the progressive narrative; and 3) Jewish community engagement, which offers cohort experiences for clergy, Jewish staffers at progressive nonprofits, Black Jewish Zionists, and others to grow the progressive Jewish Zionist voice in America.

grant programs

To launch the Los Angeles Zioness Fellowship Program that will train dozens of Jewish participants to organize for social, racial, economic, gender and environmental justice as Zionists, while also growing Zioness's LA presence. The program aims to build a strong and vibrant community of progressive Zionists in LA who are welcomed and included in progressive spaces.

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