Yaacov Herzog Center



Founded by the Religious Kibbutz Movement in 1988, the Yaacov Herzog Center is an educational center that focuses on bringing different sectors of people in Israel together with the goal of fostering a deeper understanding among secular and religious citizens and a more respectful society. Its programs offer a moderate religious Zionist approach that values humanism, mutual respect and pluralism. The organization’s programs include educational offerings for the general public at its campus in Southern Israel; Batei Midrash (Jewish study groups) for university students, women and emerging leaders; seminars for high school students on Jewish identity, leadership and religious/secular dialogue; and a one-year pre-army preparatory academy for religious women. Through its programs, YHC convenes 5,000 people annually.



grant programs

Teens Talk Jewish Identity: Culture, Conflict and Co-Existence in Israeli Society


The Teens Talk Jewish Identity: Culture, Conflict, and Co-Existence in Israeli Society program strengthens Jewish identity, pluralistic perspective, and community involvement of secular and religious students at high schools and youth villages throughout Israel.

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