Panim: The Israeli Judaism Network



Established in 2011, Panim: The Israeli-Judaism Network is an umbrella entity, incorporating organizations active in the fields of Jewish-Israeli education, culture and community activity. The Panim member organizations represent the range of Israel’s Jewish sectors: religious, secular, traditional, liberal and others. It helps these organizations to synchronize their activities and increase their strategic influence and effectiveness. Panim reinforces the work of its partner organizations by assisting them in professional development, accessing public funding, and improving relations with government officials, in order to increase their collective influence on Israeli society.




grant programs



To support Panim's joint venture with Israel's Ministry of Diaspora to build a Jewish Renewal Alliance, through which
philanthropic funding to new initiatives will be matched by government funding one to one. Through the Alliance,
organized by Panim, Jewish Engagement organizations in Israel will provide dynamic programming while
strengthening the Jewish Engagement field in Israel for the long term.

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HaMovilim: Leadership Development Program


HaMovilim: Leadership Development Program provides Beit Midrash facilitators with professional development opportunities that focus on Jewish values, democracy, and current social challenges, so that these facilitators can more effectively engage their communities in pluralistic Jewish learning and action.

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