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Incorporated in 2013 with its first office opened in San Francisco in 2016, IsraAID US financially supports IsraAID in Israel, builds bridges between Americans and Israelis, and promotes the humanitarian work of the organization worldwide. IsraAID was established in 2001 to provide emergency relief for populations around the world affected by natural disasters, epidemics, and post conflict situations.

grant programs

2023 Israel Grant


IsraAID is working in eight different hotels in Eilat and the Dead Sea, serving thousands of those most immediately affected from the Gaza envelope.  In these hotels they:

  • Operate child-friendly spaces where affected children can play, process, and “be kids” amidst the chaos.
  • Set up learning centers, building temporary classrooms, and staffing them, allowing the children and their parents with structure, stability and routine.
  • Distribute resilience kits with stress relief activities for children and families.
  • Train local teams on self-care and stress relief to “help the helpers” and ensure they can continue supporting evacuees.
  • Create digital control hubs for each Kibbutz, to allow the Kibbutz leaders to manage logistics and organize their communities’ needs.
In the Dead Sea area, IsraAID co-chairs the information sharing forum for all civil society organizations and NGOs working in the hotels, where 16,000 evacuees currently live.

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IsraAID Humanitarian Professional Network


IsraAID Humanitarian Professional Network introduces Los Angeles Jews to IsraAID and trains young Jewish professionals to deploy on its international aid missions, where they can carry out their Jewish values and engage with Israel through providing emergency relief around the world. Through this process, IsraAID builds a community of like-minded individuals interested in global humanitarian awareness. 

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