Hillel – The Right To Choose



Founded in 1991, Hillel – The Right to Choose (Hillel) helps thousands of Yotzim – those who leave ultra-Orthodox communities to integrate into wider Israeli society. Its services include a hotline and drop-in centers, transitional housing, a 24-hour emergency shelter, counseling and support services, academic support, employment services, assistance to Yotzim in the military, community building, peer networking activities, and more. All of Hillel’s services work toward successful absorption and integration of Yotzim into modern Israeli society; development of overall personal self-sufficiency and success; and creation of a community within a secure and nurturing environment.

grant programs



To support Hillel Right to Choose to assist Yotzim and bridge major gaps in employment eligibility, vocational and soft skills, and core education. Through an increase in counseling, scholarships, and employment support, Hillel will continue to meet the needs of this group to integrate into Israeli society.

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To mitigate the economic hardships faced by The Foundation’s grantees in Israel, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help them achieve long-term organizational sustainability.

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Workforce Integration and Facilitation


The Workforce Integration and Facilitation program trains and facilitates full integration of approximately 1,000 Yotzim, ages 18-35, into the Israeli workforce and modern Israeli society. 

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