Haverim L’Refuah



Founded in 2003, Haverim L’Refuah (“Friends for Health”) is an Ultra-Orthodox organization whose mission is to ensure that every person in Israel receives the medicine they need, regardless of their economic situation. Its Free Pharmacy project provides over 7,000 people with life-saving medication every month, free of charge. By working in close collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, the IDF, and individuals, Haverim L’Refuah is able to send over 450 packages of free medicine every day to patients throughout Israel. Their fiscal sponsor is Chaverim Israel Family Services.



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2023 Israel Grant


Haverim L’Refuah is supporting Israelis in the following ways:

  • Civilians: The people of Southern Israel who fled their homes found themselves without their regular medicines, and even without their identity cards and health funds cards needed to be able to purchase these medicines. Haverim L’Refuah was the first to respond to their needs.
  • Soldiers: The recent attack by Hamas has also led to a critical shortage of medical supplies in certain areas, putting the lives of civilians and soldiers at risk. Haverim L’Refuah is receiving requests for medicine from field hospitals, reserve units, individual reservists, community health centers, and hotels throughout the country that are housing evacuees from the South. In addition, thousands of kits have been requested to care for the wounded. In response, Haverim L’Refuah has established a logistics center to respond swiftly to these needs.

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