Erez College



Established in 1982, Erez College, located in Shlomi, is a vocational training center less than a mile from Israel’s border with Lebanon. After three decades of providing various courses to the region’s residents, over the past five years, Erez pivoted to focus on training “workers at risk.” These are the low-level, unskilled working poor who are employed in the manufacturing industry in Israel’s Galilee region, but are most likely to be the first to be furloughed or fired, and the last to receive job training or promotions. Erez incentivizes the factories to identify employee’s knowledge and skill gaps and partially fund vocational training for those workers, making them less expendable and more attractive for retention and advancement.



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To support and scale vocational training programs that support low-income workers in manufacturing factories, while engaging with industry employers to support workers’ advancement. Erez College aims to ensure that factory workers improve their vocational education so that they can retain jobs, strengthen their financial circumstances, and advance in their careers.

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