Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism



Established in 1991, the Daniel Centers, comprised of Tel Aviv’s first Reform Synagogue, the Beit Daniel Center for Progressive Judaism and Mishkenot Ruth Daniel (an education center and guest house), aims to expose Israelis to progressive Jewish values including equality, pluralism and Tikkun Olam. Its mission is ‘to help secular and Reform Israelis find their ‘Jewish Voice’ and build meaningful relationships with Diaspora counterparts.’ Among other programs, the Daniel Centers conducts adult education classes, runs Jewish enrichment program in 15 kindergartens and after-school care programs, and offers a ‘School to Shul’ program in more than 40 schools. The ‘School to Shul’ program introduces Judaism to Israeli students through holiday events, seminars, Bar-Bat Mitzvah courses and more.



grant programs

Jewish Soul Overhaul


Jewish Soul Overhaul trains more than 100 teachers over 3 years at three elementary schools in Tel Aviv and Jaffa to integrate Jewish education into their classroom curriculum and to encourage 2,000 students and their families to incorporate Jewish traditions and rituals into their daily lives.

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