Cutting Edge Grants

We will not be holding a Cutting Edge Grants Process in 2021. 

The Foundation's Cutting Edge Grants program supports new and innovative programs in the Los Angeles Jewish community. We encourage creative thinkers, social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations to propose significant and transformative programs of high visibility and impact.

How much funding is available?

We fund cutting edge programs for up to $300,000 over a three to five year period.

The Cutting Edge Grant selection process spans a 9-month period. Awards are generally announced in July of each year with first payments processed in September.

How do I apply?

The Foundation’s website will be updated when the next cycle of Cutting Edge Grants opens. For questions, please contact Program Officer, Charlotte Friedman ([email protected]), or Senior Program Officer, Sara Hahn ([email protected]).

Cutting Edge Grant Criteria

Eligible applicants must be one of the following:

  • A nonprofit organization with 501c3 status (exception: synagogues and Jewish day schools must apply as a consortium of at least 3)
  • A social entrepreneur(s) with appropriate 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor
  • A collaborative of nonprofit organizations

Program must fit into one of the following categories:

  • New model not previously tested: A cutting edge program that has not been previously tested in any location and that will result in a new model for the L.A. Jewish community. This may include:
    • Existing organization that launch new programs
    • Social entrepreneurs that launch new organizations and programs
  • Community-wide implementation of a successfully piloted program: A cutting edge program that has been piloted in Los Angeles, proven to be viable and is proposed for community-wide implementation in the L.A. Jewish community.
  • Adaptation of a successful program for Los Angeles: A cutting edge program operating elsewhere in the United States that may be suitable for replication or adaptation in the L.A. Jewish community (local staff person or on-the-ground partner organization required).

Proposal must demonstrate:

  • Capacity & Leadership: The applicant has the capacity and leadership to implement the proposed program.
  • Community Need: Community need for, interest in and support of the program is substantiated.
  • Innovation: The program is unique in concept, design and implementation.
  • Viability: The program appears viable to implement.
  • Impact: Short- and long-term outcomes are well articulated, achievable and will result in meaningful impact on the Los Angeles Jewish community or a particular demographic within the community.
  • Mission Alignment: The program is aligned with the applicant’s mission and goes beyond the applicant’s regular operations and programming.
  • Sustainability: Program sustainability is likely once the grant award period is completed.
  • Visibility: The program offers an opportunity for significant visibility for The Foundation.
Eligibility Restrictions

Grants not made to:

  • Organizations with operating budgets less than $5 million that have an open Cutting Edge Grant
  • Individual synagogues or day schools
  • Private foundations and private non-operating foundations
  • Endowment programs
  • Programs that do not serve a predominantly Jewish population

Grants not made for:

  • Operational support
  • Capacity building
  • Programs based on travel
  • Program expansion
  • Building/renovation projects
  • Research programs
  • Programs not proposed for implementation in L.A.
  • Film/documentary/web-based projects

See our Cutting Edge Grants Brochure for a list of previous Cutting Edge Grant recipients.