Capital Grants

We will not be holding a Capital Grants process in 2022. Please continue to check our website for updated grant information.

What is a Capital Grant?

The Foundation’s Capital Grants program supports construction of new facilities, renovations, and upgrades to existing buildings of Los Angeles Jewish institutions. Please note that grants are not made for routine building repairs or equipment purchase.

How much funding is available?

In 2017, The Foundation awarded a total of $420,000 to three organizations over a two-year period.

How do I apply?

The Foundation’s website will be updated when the next cycle of Capital Grants opens. If you have any questions, please contact Sara Hahn, Program Officer at

Applicant Eligibility Criteria?
  • A nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status.
  • If a prior Foundation Capital Grants recipient, the grant must be completed prior to applying for another Capital Grant.
  • Demonstrates the ability to perform the project, with respect to control over the physical premises (e.g., ownership or signed long-term lease of land or property).
Project Eligibility Criteria:

The project is either:

  • Construction of a new facility, OR
  • Renovation or upgrade to existing building (cannot be a routine building repair or equipment purchase).
  • Is located in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Has raised 50% of the project budget (includes received cash and firm commitments that are still pending).
  • Strong likelihood that the applicant will complete the project within a two-year period.
  1. The project addresses a community need that is significant in both size and scope.
  2. The applicant has the capacity and leadership to implement the proposed project.
  3. The project appears viable to implement.
  4. The project has the potential to create long-term benefit for the Los Angeles Jewish community beyond the term of the grant period.
  5. The project provides an opportunity for the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles to leverage its funding with other donors and strengthen its relations with key institutions and their leadership.
  6. The project offers an opportunity for significant visibility for The Foundation.

See our Capital Grants Brochure for a list of previous Capital Grant recipients.