2023 Israel Emergency Grants

The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles approved significant funding to the LA Jewish Federation’s Israel Emergency Fund that is earmarked for nine organizations in Israel addressing trauma, hostage rescue, the needs of kibbutz members, food distribution and more.

The grant recipients are:

  • The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel (Fiscal sponsor: PEF Endowment Funds) – ARCCI’s work is supporting direct victims, victims of previous sexual violence who are triggered and emotionally flooded by current events, and professional care providers throughout the country who require knowledge and training in sexual trauma-informed intervention.
  • Brothers and Sisters for Israel (Fiscal sponsor: Impact Cubed Emergency Fund) – The largest civilian aid currently in Israel, responsible for collecting, procuring and distributing supplies to civilians and security personnel. This all-volunteer organization makes available the largest logistics centers in the country, humanitarian support, meals, clothing, evacuation, and accommodation for the displaced.
  • Dror Israel (Fiscal sponsor: US Friends of Dror Israel) – Dror Israel is providing children with a stable and supportive routine, one of Israel’s most immediate needs. In 30 different locations, it is providing childcare facilities, therapeutic programs for children evacuees, and offering activity kits and online programming for those sheltering in place.
  • Eran (Fiscal sponsor: PEF Israel Endowments) – Emotional support therapeutic hotline for Israelis in distress
  • Haverim L’Refuah (Fiscal sponsor: Chaverim Israel Family Services) – Haverim runs Israel’s largest free pharmacy project, providing medicines to the evacuees from the south who need access to their regular medicines, wherever they are in Israel.
  • Hostages and Missing Families Forum (Fiscal sponsor: Friends of Asor Fund USA) – A forum of the families of kidnapped relatives and hostages in Gaza, who work together to urge an increase in diplomatic efforts to release their loved ones, and raise awareness of their plight worldwide.
  • IsraAid – Bringing disaster relief to Israelis through psychosocial support, emergency assistance, and supplies
  • Kibbutz Movement (Fiscal Sponsor: Givat Haviva Educational Foundation, Inc.) – An umbrella organization of all 257 Kibbutzim, the Kibbutz Movement is running an emergency fund for the support of the 23 Kibbutzim along the border of Gaza.
  • Pantry Packers (Fiscal Sponsor: Colel Chabad) – Based in Jerusalem, Pantry Packers is distributing culturally-sensitive food to civilians in shelters, activating its free soup kitchens and meals on wheels programs to provide food packages for those in need, including war-displaced individuals, with an estimated 5,000 evacuees in Jerusalem requiring food support.