You want to make a difference.
Who do you trust to make it happen?

Our name tells our story. We’re the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles and we exist to better our community. We’re managed by people like you. We have over $1 billion of assets and 1,300 donor families, and over the past 15 years, we have distributed $1 billion to thousands of nonprofits across a diverse spectrum. We’ve been helping our donors create tax effective charitable funds and give more strategically for 65 years.

By creating a Donor Advised Fund or an Endowment Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, you can streamline your giving and achieve your charitable goals more efficiently. We can help make your giving easier, more effective, and more reliable. 

We also have several resources you can access, including our Estate Planning Workbook and Gift Calculator. Plus, as a Foundation donor, you have access to our Center for Designed Philanthropy which provides the resources, expertise, and connections to create thoughtful giving strategies tailored to your needs.

Talk to someone who has worked with us. Read about the remarkable work our donors are accomplishing with the charitable funds we’re helping them create and manage. For example, learn why people like the Rosenthals, Liebermans, and the Hyman Neuman family chose The Foundation as their philanthropic partner. 

You're welcome to browse our website to learn more about The Foundation. We have a deep, vibrant connection to philanthropy locally, nationally, and in Israel, and we look forward to connecting with you.

For a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 323.761.8704 or via email.