Helping others is at the core of Bruce Whizin’s family, including daughter Sarah and son-in-law Michael Schultz, and their three children.

Longtime Beverly Hills residents Lisa and Mark Schwartz exude a palpable sense of joy and enthusiasm for helping others.

Jewish continuity is a core focus of Natalie and Jonathan Gerber’s philanthropy.

For Doctors Sheryl Neuman and Mark Hyman, philanthropy is a way of Jewish life to be passed down to their children.

We want our kids to see the immediate result of helping somebody and to see how good that feels so it’s ingrained in their brains and their lives.

Samantha & Jeremy Garelick

Our purpose in life should be to help others — be it family, community, country, or the world.

Paul Kester

It’s only been a few years since mom’s passing. The Family Support Organization she established allows us to continue her legacy to the community.

Tony and Catherine Chanin

As someone who created a Lion of Judah Endowment through The Foundation, it’s humbling to know that they’re managing what’s important to me, they understan

Heidi Monkarsh

The Foundation has helped our family expand its philanthropic scope and is bringing a new level of professionalism to our charitable giving process.

Mindy & Gene Stein
The Tikun Olam Foundation


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