The organizations The Foundation is supporting through the Ross Endowment are precisely the kinds of causes Mickey and Irene had in mind to fulfill their charitable legacy. 

Mads Bjerre
business manager for Mickey Ross, z"l

For many years, Annette Shapiro has held pioneering leadership roles in the Jewish community and beyond, raising millions for a wide range of organizations.

Debra and Steve Linesch come from different backgrounds, but share underlying values that have shaped their lives.

Marcie Polier Swartz approaches her philanthropy with an entrepreneur’s spirit. It comes naturally.

After 40 years serving as CEO for companies in the aerospace, healthcare, professional services, and financial services industries, Larraine Segil created the Exceptio

“I care deeply about people, social justice and equality,” Shari Foos stated.

Since Jeremy Rosenthal was in high school, he has been practicing the Jewish tradition of designating 1/10th of his income to tzedakah.

It was a trip a decade ago that opened Myron and Arlene Lieberman’s eyes to the power of philanthropy.

Helping others is at the core of Bruce Whizin’s family, including daughter Sarah and son-in-law Michael Schultz, and their three children.

Longtime Beverly Hills residents Lisa and Mark Schwartz exude a palpable sense of joy and enthusiasm for helping others.


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