The Foundation will not be accepting grant applications for funding in 2019. Please see below for information about our previous grant cycle’s criteria.

Supporting Economic Development/Self-Sufficiency and Pluralistic Jewish Identity in Israel

The Foundation supports organizations whose programs predominantly benefit Jewish Israelis living in Israel, specifically in the following areas:

  • Economic Development and Self-Sufficiency
  • Pluralistic Jewish Identity
How much funding is available?

Grant awards generally range between $100,000-$250,000 over a three-year grant period. Grants are approved and announced in October of each year.

How do I apply?

For questions, please contact Sara Hahn, Program Officer at

Applicant Eligibility Criteria

The following is required of all applicants:

  • Organization is in possession of a Nihul Takin – Certificate of Proper Management.
  • Organization has a 501(c)(3) U.S. fiscal sponsor such as an “American Friends of” organization or nonprofit structured to serve as a fiscal sponsor, such as P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds.
  • If a prior Israel Grantee, the grant period must be complete prior to applying for another Israel Grant.
  • Organization demonstrates a sustainable funding approach that includes at least three distinct funding streams (e.g., government, foundation, individual) and does not rely too heavily on any one. We are interested in organizations that have obtained significant support from reputable and diverse funders, both inside and outside of Israel.
  • Organization has an operating budget that does not exceed $10 million.
Program Eligibility Criteria

For Economic Development/Self-Sufficiency: Program must address at least one of these three areas:

  • Job creation and/or job placement services
  • Business and/or financial literacy for underserved adults
  • Business and/or financial literacy for high school students (so that they will ultimately be more prepared to enter and succeed in the workforce).

For Jewish Identity: Program fosters a pluralistic Jewish identity through an increase in Jewish knowledge, cultural understanding, engagement and practice for all Jews.

The following is required of all applicants:

  • Program has been in existence for a minimum of three years prior to applying for an Israel grant.
  • If organization has previously received an Israel Grant from the Foundation, the program must be different from the one previously funded.
  • Organization has an annual program evaluation process in place (in-house or with an outside evaluator) and is able to provide specific evaluation results in its application.
  • Program predominantly benefits Jewish Israelis living in Israel.

See our Israel Grants Brochure for a list of previous Israel Grant recipients.