Yeruham Foundation

Field of Interest: 
Emergency Assistance
Program Name: 
Portable Cement Shelters
Grant Type: 
Organization Description: 

Founded in 2006 by Kenesset member and former Mayor, Amram Mitzna, The Yeruham Foundation’s major mission is to strengthen the people of Yeruham with an emphasis on its welfare population of 1,000 families (3,000 individuals) and to strengthen its education and school system.

Grant Purpose: 

The Portable Cement Shelters program will construct 40 portable cement shelters in the weakest neighborhoods of the Yeruham-Dimona area, and improve access to shelters for the elderly and people with special needs.

This generous grant supports the Yeruham Foundation’s mission to provide safe zones to Yeruham’s most vulnerable populations, including people with disabilities, during times of war.

Naomi Efrat, Strategic Partnership Developer
Yeruham Foundation